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Welcome to Accuro...

Founded in 2008 by three individuals with extensive experience within the healthcare sector, Accuro Managed Services  is aiming to change the status quo and grow to become the number one provider of healthcare services across the UK. Each of our founding members has a range of unique skills covering both clinical and operational expertise, which we believe are essential in providing a successful service.

Accuro works closely with both Primary Care Trusts and local authorities to manage Continuing Healthcare and Personal Health Budgeting needs from the outset through a combination of assessments, brokerage and case management. Feedback from current clients remains extremely positive, and we pride ourselves on providing a friendly, professional and informative service to help with your healthcare requirements, constantly working to allow peace of mind for our clients and customers.

Originally limited to the Nottingham area, which remains our base of operations even today, Accuro now operates countrywide, having offices in Cheshire, North Yorkshire, Doncaster and London. With representatives across the country, we are always on-hand to provide information and guidance.

We put faith in the knowledge that we have been working within the area of CHC since it was first implemented, and thus understand the sector inside and out. Our expert involvement with PHB also means that we are able to draw upon key pieces of industry knowledge in tailoring our service to cater for your individual healthcare needs.

Meet the Team...

Paul Sais - Non Executive Director

Former Managing Director of Servoca Complex Care and ex-Operations Director of Allied Healthcare Group, Paul has over ten years experience in health and social care staffing solutions. Of these ten years, five have been spent managing Continuing Healthcare Services along with the last year creating innovative PHB services for people with complex health needs.

Angela Nield - Clinical Director

Angela started her career in medical care as a nurse and soon moved on to work as the Head of Continuing Care and Quality Assurance at the Allied Healthcare Group. Angela then went on to be the Clinical Director of Servoca PLC. With a background predominantly in nursing which spans over fifteen years, Angela has experience of the world of healthcare from the inside and out. She has seven years’ experience in Continuing Care, Clinical Governance and Quality, setting and monitoring policies and procedures along with building relationships with Care Quality Commision.

Julie Cunningham - Operations Director

Formerly the Operations Director of Servoca Complex Care and ex-Operations Manager for Allied Healthcare Group alongside Angela and Paul, Julie has over seven years’ operational expertise. Of these seven years, four have been spent running Continuing Care services, dealing extensively with monitoring the company’s policies and procedures.

Our Services

We provide skilled clinicians to solve short-, medium- and long-term issues surrounding assessments, reviews, training, safety and governance of continuing care and personal health budgets on working contracts of varying length. We pride ourselves on providing highly proficient, experienced clinicians who deal closely with their patients, making for a much more personal, individual-centric healthcare plan.

Our model enables those with complex health needs and disabilities to remain at home and be in control of their own care by working closely in partnership with all stakeholders, and monitoring the clinical governance and safety of the care package on a regular basis. As a whole, this makes for a much more personal, tailor-made healthcare experience, not only for the patient, but also for the clinician involved.

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Our Clients...

Continuing Healthcare

  • Birmingham East & North PCT
  • Heart of Birmingham PCT
  • South Staffs PCT
  • Norfolk PCT
  • Haringey PCT
  • Lincolnshire PCT
  • Halifax PCT

Personal Health Budgets

  • Nottingham City PCT
  • South Staffs PCT
  • Shropshire PCT
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